Father Lord of all Creation

Cyril V. Taylor

Father, Lord of all Creation,
Ground of Being, Life and Love;
Height and depth beyond description
Only life in you can prove:
You are mortal life's dependence:
Thought, speech, sight are ours by grace;
Yours is every hour's existence,
Sovereign Lord of time and space.

Jesus Christ, the Man for others,
We, your children, make our prayer:
Give us grace to love as brothers
All whose burdens we can share.
Where your name binds us together
You, Lord Christ, will surely be;
Where no selfishness can sever
There your love may all men see.

Holy Spirit, rushing, burning
Wind and flame of Pentecost,
Fire our hearts afresh with yearning
To regain what we have lost.
May your love unite our action,
Nevermore to speak alone:
God, in us abolish faction,
God, through us your love make known.

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