I Believe In Peace

I will make peace through dialogue.
I do not believe in peace without justice.
I will make peace through love.
I do not believe in peace without repentance.

Lord, I believe in peace because I believe in You.
Help me to make peace and ready to pay it's price.
Let my life be for peace when I die
May the world receive new peace in my sacrifice.

I will make peace through prayer
I do not believe in peace without You.

Bishop Socrates Villegas
Fr. Nilo Mangussad

Gift Of Finest Wheat

You satisfy the hungry heart
With gift of finest wheat;
Come give to us, O saving Lord,
The bread of life to eat.

As when the shepherd calls his sheep,
They know and heed his voice;
So when you call your fam'ly Lord,
We follow and rejoice.

With joyful lips we sing to you,
Our praise and gratitude,
That you should count us worthy, Lord,
To share this heav'nly food.

Is not the cup we bless and share
The blood of Christ out-poured?
Do not one cup, one loaf, declare
Our oneness in the Lord?

The mystery of your presence, Lord,
No mortal tongue can tell:
Whom all the world cannot contain
Comes in our hearts to dwell.

You give yourself to us, O Lord;
Then selfless let us be,
To serve each other in your name
In truth and charity.

Text: Omer Westendorf
Music: Robert E. Kreutz

Healer Divine

Healer divine, Christ hear our prayer.
Let us touch the hem of your garment,
Find the wholeness, find peace

Cover our sin, our guilt remove.
Make pure our hearts with your cleansing.
Give wholeness, give peace.

Pain or despair, heartache or care
Lord you know the hurts of your people.
Give wholeness give peace.

Healer divine, Christ hear our prayer.
Savior turn and look on your children
Give wholeness, give peace.

Raymond H. Haan

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