Lord, Let Me Walk

Lord, let me walk that lonely road with You
under the weight of the wood.
Lord, let me walk that last mile in Your shoes
under the weight of the wood

Lord, let me cool Your lips baked like clay
under the weight of the wood.
Dried up like rain on a hot dusty
day under the weight of the wood. (Ref)

Jack Meffleton

Lift Up Your Hearts

Lift up your hearts to the Lord in praise of His mercy!
Sing out your joy to the Lord,
His love is enduring.

Shout with joy to the Lord all the earth!
Praise the glory of His name!
Say to God how wondrous Your works, how glorious Your name! (Ref)

Let the earth worship, singing your praise.
Praise the glory of Your name!
Come and see the deeds of the Lord;
Come worship His name. (Ref)

 Roc O' Connor, S.J

Let Us Go To The Lord

Let us go to the Lord, His altar on high.
Let us worship the Lord, our Savior and our King.
When He comes to do us justice.
When He comes to show us love.
We shall rejoice in the Lord for He will lead us on.
On the road to glory.

Let us welcome God's word
the fountain of grace.
Let us welcome God's word his Fatherly embrace.
For though it he brings salvation and restores our liberty.
Come let us worship God's Word for it will set us free,
For his words will set us free.

Tina Benitez

Let The Heavens Be Glad

Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice,
The sea and what fills it resound.
Let the plains and the fields be filled with joy
For the Lord comes to rule the land.

Then shall the trees, the trees of the forest exult.
Before the Lord, who comes now to rule the earth. (ref)

The Lord shall rule with justice for all of the earth.
In constant love, He comes now to rule the earth. (ref)

Dan Feiten


Kindness, you will find kindness with the Lord
and healing for your hearts

With a heavy heart, I call You Lord, hear my human voice. (Ref)

So great is Your love You overlook all my failings.

I trust in Your word and wait for You.
Like sentries waiting for dawn. (Ref)

We, Your children, wait with praise-filled faith
Free us with Your love. (Ref)

Jesus Is Life

Let the trumpet blast, let the cymbals crash,
Let the dancing begin!
Let everything that breathes proclaim.
Jesus is Life! Jesus is Life!

Praise Him with blasts of the trumpet!
Praise Him with lyre and harp!
Praise Him with drums and dancing!
Jesus is Life!, Jesus is Life!

Praise Him with clashing cymbals!
Praise Him with strings and reeds!
Praise Him with clanging cymbals.
Jesus is Life! Jesus is Life!


Orchards and forests,
mountains and hills,
birds and living creatures
dance in praise of his name.

Praise Him the Sun of Justice!
Praise Him the King of Kings!
Praise Him our Risen Lord!
Jesus is Life! Jesus is Life!

He has been kind to his people,
Giving victory to us who are weak.
We rejoice and exult in him, Jesus our life!

Refrain 2:
Old men and children too,
Young men and girls,
Men and women everywhere,
Dance in praise of his Name.

Repeat 2 then Coda: Everlasting life!

Carey Landry

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