I Am Ready God

God show Your greatness in the sky
And Your glory over all the earth.

I am ready, God, I am completely ready.
I will sing and praise You.
Wake up my soul, wake up my guitar and harp.
I will wake up the sun.
I will thank you among the nations, O Lord.
I will praise You among the peoples, O Lord.
Your constant love reaches up to heaven.
Your faithfulness to the skies.

Amen, Amen, Amen

 S. Narcisa Fernandez, FMA

How Great Is Your Name

How great is Your name for those who can read
Where it's written all over the sky.
Where the stars sing Your praise.
Spell Your name many ways
or the eagles that fly with the clouds on high
While the mountains declare "I am Lord everywhere"
in the wide restless sea that is shouting at me.

How clear is Your voice for those who will stop
To hear what You have to say
It is heard in the breeze
As it rustles the leaves or the raindrops
that spray on a gray stormy day.
But the heart hears it best when the mind is at rest.
And the stubbornest will is surrendered and still

 Sebastian Temple

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