At Break Of Dawn

At break of dawn I will rise and sing praise to You,
God of land and sky and sea,
I will rise to greet each new day with a song of praise.

Yahweh to You the earth belongs,
Yahweh, the world is Yours.

Wondrous and great are all Your works,
Wondrous and full of life.

Happy are they who know the Lord.
Happy and blest are they.

Thank Him, thank Yahweh for His love.
Thank Him with heart and voice.

Yahweh, send forth Your Spirit
and fill our hearts with love.

Aspirations Of Mother Foundress

O my God, may every beat of my heart
Be a prayer to obtain grace and pardon for sinners.
May all my sighs be so many appeals to Thy infinite mercy;
May each look have the virtue to gain to Thy love
Those souls whom I shall look on.
May the food of my life be to work without ceasing
For Thy glory and the salvation of souls. Amen.

Sr. M. Pia Del Rosario, RGS

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