Be Glad, O People

Be glad, o people of the earth!
Lift up your heart with song and dance,
for I am with you, yes within you, forever!
You are the heart of My heart.

I will never forget you, O my people;
on the day of anguish I will answer you.
As you join in celebration,
My joy will move among you. Refrain.

You shall find a land to be your home, where sheep
and cattle may freely roam, mountains from which
springs shall flow with living waters. Refrain.

I will your faith burn brightly
So that others may find life's fullness:
Freedom for all captives
And justice for all nations. Refrain

No longer will the circle of your life, 
It's pain and goodness
Be just for yourself:
Your gift to share will flower. Refrain

As you work for others' freedom,
With a seed of hope within you, 
Hunger shall not harm you,
Nor thirst withdraw your courage. Refrain.

 Gregory Norbet, OSB

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