Jesus Is Life

Let the trumpet blast, let the cymbals crash,
Let the dancing begin!
Let everything that breathes proclaim.
Jesus is Life! Jesus is Life!

Praise Him with blasts of the trumpet!
Praise Him with lyre and harp!
Praise Him with drums and dancing!
Jesus is Life!, Jesus is Life!

Praise Him with clashing cymbals!
Praise Him with strings and reeds!
Praise Him with clanging cymbals.
Jesus is Life! Jesus is Life!


Orchards and forests,
mountains and hills,
birds and living creatures
dance in praise of his name.

Praise Him the Sun of Justice!
Praise Him the King of Kings!
Praise Him our Risen Lord!
Jesus is Life! Jesus is Life!

He has been kind to his people,
Giving victory to us who are weak.
We rejoice and exult in him, Jesus our life!

Refrain 2:
Old men and children too,
Young men and girls,
Men and women everywhere,
Dance in praise of his Name.

Repeat 2 then Coda: Everlasting life!

Carey Landry

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