Refrain A:
Hands that make each day begin again,
And bring to light our distant dreams.
We have but one more chance,
In this the hour of our new life to heal
The wounds which time does bring,
Which time does bring.

Refrain B:
Reaching out and touching:
Are you there to offer smile, or eyes or tear?
This moment filled with trust
Can make us whole, yes, if we will.
The touch of hands such healing brings,
Such healing brings.

We ask you, Lord, for healing,
And you share the certain caring
Of each other's hands. Ref B

Moving with the moment
And receiving each one's presence,
We are now restored. Ref A

Fears that only hides us
From reality inside us
Disappear with loving care. Ref B

Where have U been all these years
And where shall I be going?
I don't know but I trust. Ref A

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