Healing Presence

Healing presence of God’s Spirit within all humanity: 
Teach us to live compassion freely, to thirst for truth’s integrity. 

1. Come and call us beyond ourselves to see misery, injustice and greed.

2. Be among us as we strive to be 
disciples true to Jesus’ name. Refrain 

3. Spirit holy, in the name of love, 
waken us to see with eyes of God. Refrain 

4. Sing the songs, dance the joy of God’s own heart; 
Be our breath and leaven us with hope. Refrain 

5. Come, create within our deepest heart 
freedom to give of our life. Refrain 

6. Ever call us to deeper prayer and faith, 
opening our hearts to one and all. Refrain

Gregory Norbet, OSB

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