I Go My Merry Way

A song on my lips with love in my heart, 
I go my merry way
The sun in my eyes, the sun in my heart, 
Lights up my steps from day to day.

1. Every road through hills and valleys
leads to heaven by and by.
And the wind that sweeps the alley
points the finger to the sky. Refrain

2. Many friends are on the highway
And they're waiting for a smile.
Walk along my friends on my way
holding hands a little while. Refrain

3. There are times of storm and sorrow,
when goals drifts out of sight
but the road leads on tomorrow
to the place of peace and light. Refrain

4. Then we'll all be reunited,
singing one eternal chord;
for we know we've been invited to the mansion of the lord. Refrain

Noel Regney

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