Song of my People

Abraham, Abraham, where are you coming from,
I’m coming form the land of the pagans, Lord.
I’m coming to You , my God.
Abraham, Abraham, I will be your God.
Israel, Israel, why have you strayed from me, Israel?
You say you don’t need my guiding hand.
You say you don’t want my love.
Israel, Israel, I will be your God.

Gather ‘round, listen now to the words of a carpenter
Who walked the earth working miracles,
Who died for us on a cross.
“Take my hand, walk with me.  I will be your God.”
Sons of men, sons of men,
Where are you coming from, sons of men?
We’re coming to You out of darkness, Lord
We’re coming to You, our God.
Sons of men, sons of light I will be your God.

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