By Your Grace

Verse 1
By your grace, I'll wake each morning
By your grace, I feel the breezy wind
By your grace, the heat of the sunshine touch my skin
Feeling your warmth of embrace, by your grace

Verse 2
By your grace, I'll sleep in the evening
By your grace, I'll walk through the darkest night
By your grace, the stars that are sparkling awed my sight
Standing in splendor of you, by your grace

Oh I will live for you
Every moment of the day, to you I'll pray
Oh I will worship you
Every part of me, I will surrender to you
And I'll do it all by your grace
by your grace

Verse 3
By your grace, I'll be renewed each day
By your grace, I'll bless this world with your ways
By your grace, your words that inspired me all will hear
Proclaiming you our King, by your grace

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