Only Selfless Love

Today in the world where life is born
There’s struggle that is fought
To be welcomed, to be cared for
To be at home

Today when all life seems bought and used
There’s a struggle to belong,
To be free and to be a gift to everyone.

We call all families
Rise up and raise your hands as one
Come show the world the love that binds all God’s children into one.

We call all families
Share the treasure that’s in your hands.
What can save us now? What can lead us now?
What can make us all be one?

Only selfless love Jesus showed the world
That only selfless love can bring a hundredfold
Of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, homes,
Where peace and mercy reign,  Where faith and hope remain;
Where life begins and ends in God’s embrace
Calling all families!  Let’s make it happen
Through only selfless love.

Like the Holy Family with Jesus, Joseph and Mary,
Home is where true love begins,  Love rejoices, love embraces’

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