Never Be The Same

Now I wake, now I see,
Lord your time is now.
I can’t ignore, the way you speak
The calling’s clear and loud.
Make my life mean something
Something worth remembering
Something worth living
And dying for…

I fight for your life,
I long for your peace
In a world so silent my praise
To you will never cease
I raise my hand and stake this claim
That this world,
Will know your name and life,
Will never be the same

From sea to sea, from dawn to dusk,
The battle rages on
With every step, and every move
We’re crying kingdom come
You are all I want now,
More than I ever have before
You are worth living and dying for

Lord I am afraid
Of the choices I have to make
But when I look into your eyes
I am reminded why

I fight for your life… (5x)

I fight for your life, I long for your peace

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