Sing Joyful Praises to the King (Hymn to Saint Anthony of Padua)

Fr. Mariano Montero, OFM

Sing joyful praises to the King.
A loyal soldier’s recompense
To Anthony, he grants this grace
His miracles through human world.

Oh, Anthony God’s chosen one
With mortal eyes you saw your Lord.
A solemn pledge of glorious life,
A foretaste of your own reward.

From Padua first, to east and west
Arose a hymn of praise and fame;
Through heaven’s grace, we still affirm
Unending honor to your name.

May glory to the father be
And to the Son eternally
The spirit too, in essence one,
In persons three, be honor done.

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  1. Anonymous12/02/2020

    Do you have score of this or Chords...??


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