Lord Teach us to Pray

Lord teach us to pray,
It's been a long and cold December kind of day.
With our hearts and hands so busy in our private little wars,
We stand and watch each other now
From sep'rate shores, we lose the way

I need to know today the way things should be in my head.
I need to know for once now the things that should be said.
I've got to learn to walk around as if I were not dead.
I've got to find a way to learn to live.

I still get so distracted by the color of my skin.
I still get so upset now when I find that I don't win. 
I meet so many strangers I'm so slow to take them in.
I've got to find a way to really live.

I stand so safe and sterile as I watch a man fall flat.
I'm silent with a man who'd like to know just where I'm at.
With the aged and the lonely I can barely tip my hat
I need to see the sin of "I don't care."

I stand so smug and sure before the people I've out-guessed;
to let them and be who he is I still see as a test.
And when it all comes down to "must," I'm sure my way is best.
I've got to find what "room" means in my heart.

I walk and fall, myself alone, can't tolerate a guide.
And when the camps split up I'm sure to put you on my side and dare someone to challenge me and swear I will not hide.
I've got to find a better way to live.

I mouth so many things, take so little time to weigh;
I've let it all slip by in the sweep of yesterday.
I can't believe you mean it all to grace me on my way;
I've got to find a way to really live.

Lord, teach us to pray.
We still believe that we can find a better way.
Teach us to pray.
We lose the way.
Teach us to pray.
Joe Wise

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