God with us

Dan Schutte

When the winter's darkness casts its gloom upon the earth,
And summer's sun has gone to sleep,
Even in this barren night where love has lost its way,
A word of hope is spoken to the world!

God with us, companion in our waiting
You watch with us for the passing of the night;
Emmanuel God's promise to our longing
O Morning Star, let Your holy light shine!

We have seen the shepherds' star and hear the angel's song.
Where will the love of God take flesh?
Even in our barren hears where far has come to stay,
A word of love is spoken to the world!

Bless are you that follow still the star of Bethlehem,
And yet believe the angel's song.
Power from your God on high will fill your barren womb.
O Child of Hope, be born for all the world!

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