Hymn To Señor Santo Niño

One day to these Islands as gift and in pledge
God sent You to us O beloved Child
And always You have been
The light of our souls
The guide of our people
The flame in our hearts.

Senor Santo Nino, with Your scepter Guide our people who hail You king Forever, Filipinas is Your kingdom. Senor Santo Nino, in Your hand the world finds its rest; proclaim Your truth and justice, bring to men Your peace and love

The ship You were sailing arrived at our shores
To conquer this land, the Pearl of the seas; But You had decided to stay in this soil
To conquer our people and dwell among us 

The queen and the Rajah accepting the faith
Received You in their arms and fell on their knees
They worshipped your image and called on your Name
To ask for your blessing and help in their needs.

More ships in the Orient with soldiers arrived
And searching for gold, they found You instead
Legaspi, Urdaneta, the rajah, the queen Their subjects, our people, proclaimed You their king.

That's why we are coming to pay the respects
Our people did pledge a long time ago
We ask You to hear the prayers of all
The sad and forsaken, the poor and the sick.

Fr. E. Perez OSA

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