We will Rise

Noel Miranda - Erwin Arandia

As we gather ‘round the table,
At the banquet of our King,
We lay down upon your altar
all our hungers deep within.

Now we pray that in Your goodness,
You may take all that we give.
Use our every strength or weakness
so that all the world may live.

When we eat this bread and in You believe,
We become Whom we receive.
And from death and strife, we will rise!

Be the food for all our hungers.
Fill us now with love and grace,
As we strive to be Your presence
That Your life we may embrace.
To be bread and wine for others,
To reflect Your life and worth,
Make us all Your sons and daughters,
One in faith in You, O Lord.

We will rise!
Not death, not life, none on earth or above
Will ever separate us from your love!
May we taste and see Your goodness
In the breaking of the bread:
Pledge of future hope and glory,
Of our rising from the dead.

We will rise! Ah!

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