With Love and Faith (Song for San Pedro Calungsod)

Lui Morano - Norman Agatep

To be the Lord's companion and his friend,
you vowed to turn away from sin.
And with your passion and your piety,
you showed us how to hope and trust in him.

To spread the Lord's salvation and his truth,
you travelled far to preach your dream.
And with your mighty selfless heart and soul, you showed us how to live and die for him.

With your love and faith you conquered doubt and hate.
Lead us to God's Word and bring light to the world.
Guide us all as we prepare our hearts and be your company
in mission to create God's kingdom here on Earth.

To prove the Lord's compassion and his strength,
you shed your blood to save a kin.
And with your loyalty and sacrifice,
you showed us how to laud and honor him.

God's kingdom here on earth!

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